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      Mattress Steam Cleaning

      Mattresses are the assets that are essential for a night of deep and comfortable sleep...

      Mattress Stain Cleaning

      Do you have spills and stains on your mattress and want it to be as clean as before? Do not worry,..

      Mattress Sanitizing Service

      You need a reliable and authentic company so you can hand over your valuable mattress to them...

      Mattress Dust Mites Treatment

      Dust allergies are so common that one out of four persons is allergic to several dust mite..

      Mattress Mould Removal

      Your bed is a place where you relax, think about random things, sleep and even enjoy watching a..

      ............HOW WE WORK............

      How We Clean Your Mattress?

      At Choice Mattress Cleaning Perth we follow a procedure to ensure complete mattress cleaning. Here are the most crucial steps that we follow for deep cleaning:

      mattress cleaning services

      First of all, we inspect your mattress before starting the cleaning techniques. We identify the condition, fabric material and depth of damage of the mattress and decide which solvents and technique to use for cleaning.

      mattress cleaning services

      We then pre-vacuum the entire mattress to remove all the soil, dust and dirt particles. This step makes the further procedure smooth.

      mattress cleaning services
      Anti-bacterial treatment

      Then we kill the bacterias by using safe and effective cleaning agents.

      mattress cleaning services
      Further protection

      We apply some antiallergenic and antibacterial solutions to keep your mattress safe from bacterias for a long time.

      mattress cleaning services

      In the end, we deodorize your mattress and give a pleasant and fresh fragrance to your precious mattress.

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