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      Eight hours of peaceful sleep is necessary for a healthy and happy life. A mattress is not just a layer of cushioning on the bed but also helps in determining the body posture and sleep quality. It is essential to keep the mattress free from contaminants because it can be risky for health. Mattress steam cleaning in Ashfield is a popular service offered by Choice Mattress Cleaning Perth that is helpful in the removal of stains and harmful microorganisms. If you want to know more about the benefits of having a clean mattress, feel free to call us on +61480030802.

      We can offer you a free quote on Mattress Steam Cleaning in Hobart without obligation.

      Our mattress steam cleaning service is designed especially for people who are suffering from allergies. There is no involvement of chemicals in steam cleaning and that makes it an eco-friendly and health-friendly option for mattress cleaning.

      Steam cleaning should be done carefully and requires experienced cleaners because excessive heat can be harmful to the fibres and fabrics of the mattress. At Choice Mattress Cleaning Perth, we have a team of certified and experienced individuals who steam clean the mattress without damaging the mattress. Instead of delaying the crucial chore of mattress cleaning, book our mattress steam cleaning services and enjoy sleeping on a clean and fresh mattress!

      Why is Mattress Steam cleaning Important?

      Mattress steam cleaning Ashfield service is the topmost choice for the home owners because of the various advantages this process offers. Here are the benefits of choosing mattress steam cleaning service:

      Little or No Use of Chemicals

      The detergents and stain removing products usually have harmful constituents that can be hazardous for health. Many people experience skin redness, breathing problems and itching after using a freshly cleaned mattress. The mattress steam cleaning is important because it is safe for everyone. Natural heat from the steam helps in the elimination of stains and odour without the utilisation of chemicals.

      Eco-Friendly Method

      The professionals at Choice Mattress Cleaning Perth prefer steam cleaning as it leaves no residues of chemicals after the process. The gaseous form of liquid helps in disinfecting the mattress and its surroundings by killing bacteria, viruses and fungus. As a result, the air becomes clean.

      Steam Destroys Disease-Causing Pests and Germs

      Advanced cleaning treatment is required to destroy the microbes and pests that hide inside the mattress and become the prime source of diseases in the house.

      Health-Friendly Option

      If anyone in your house is suffering from problems such as asthma, acne or chest infection, then you must choose our steam cleaning service.

      How Do Our Professionals Steam Clean the Mattress?

      Our team works systematically to provide excellent results to our clients. We follow a particular sequence to steam clean the mattress. Below mentioned are the steps followed by us:

      Examination of Mattress

      All the problematic areas on the mattress are checked by the mattress cleaning experts. They identify the type of mattress and also try to understand the sources of stains.


      Loose particles of dust, soil and allergens collect in the mattress on daily basis. These particles should be removed before going ahead with steam cleaning. Our mattress cleaning professionals use vacuum cleaners with the latest technology to clean the mattress properly.

      Pre Stain Removal Treatment

      This step is considered when the mattress is badly affected because of ugly patches of stains. A solution of stain removing product is applied on severely stained places on the mattresses. This helps in enhancing the results of steam cleaning.

      Mattress Steam Cleaning

      In this step, an industrial-grade steam cleaning device is utilized by the experts to treat the flaws such as stains and odour. A steam cleaner has a compartment where water is boiled continuously and steam is produced as an outcome. This steam helps in loosening the bond between the stain particles. In the end, the steam cools down and is collected back by the device along with the dirt.


      The process does end after steam cleaning. It is completed after the mattresses are dried properly. It is amazing if the warm breeze comes into the bedroom from the open windows. But if sunlight and air cannot enter the bedroom, the experts employ tools such as fans and blow-dryers to dry the mattress.

      Why Choose Us?

      Choice Mattress Cleaning Perth has become a household name over the years because of the commitment we show towards mattress cleaning. Check out the benefits of choosing our Mattress steam cleaning Ashfield service:

      1. Quality Services at Reasonable Prices

      We understand the value of your hard-earned money and that’s why we have kept the prices in the affordable range. You will be surprised to see amazing results at cost-effective rates.

      2. High-Quality Cleaning Essentials

      The experts use top-quality steam cleaning devices to bring out the best possible results for you. Apart from the equipment, the cleaning products are also safe for mattresses. Harmful and harsh ingredients are avoided while cleaning the mattresses.

      3. Certified Professionals

      Our skilled and expert professionals are always a call away! They will reach your doorstep at the scheduled time and will finish everything without causing inconvenience to you.

      4. Available Throughout the Week

      Are you occupied with other commitments during the weekdays? Don’t worry and contact us to hire the professionals on weekends. You can also book our services on public holidays.

      5. Comprehensive Range of Services

      Our service is not restricted to just steam cleaning. If we find any other problem such as mould or dust mites while inspection, we can also suggest different treatments for those problems.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Steam Cleaning

      1. Is mattress steam cleaning harmful for mattresses?

      No, it is one of the safest methods for mattress cleaning. The results depend on the efficiency of the mattress cleaners. Our professionals are trained and can steam clean all kinds of mattresses without any problem.

      2. How much time is taken by the experts to clean the mattress with the steam cleaning process?

      The duration of the process can vary because of different factors such as climatic conditions, number of stains, type of mattress and size of the mattress. Usually, the cleaners take around half an hour to clean a mattress.

      3. I have a baby at home. Is steam cleaning safe for babies?

      Yes, mattress steam cleaning is an ideal and safe choice for the mattresses that are used by babies. In steam cleaning, harsh chemicals are neglected and only steam is preferred to clean the mattress. This makes it suitable for babies, allergy patients and pets.

      4. Can your professionals clean all types of mattresses?

      Yes, the professionals at Choice Mattress Cleaning Perth can clean all kinds of mattresses including latex mattresses, foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses and innerspring mattresses.

      5. How can I get a quote for the service?

      You just need to fill in some basic details in a form and send it to us. The form is available on this website. If you still have any confusion, you can call us at any time and our customer service team will definitely help you.

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